It's a great time to invest in trading cards

It's a great time to invest in trading cards

- Here's why -

As the famous internet personality and entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk would say, trading cards are the current generation’s “art”.   And even more, sportcard prices have spiked in recent years partly because "Men and women from the 80s who grew up with sports cards now have young kids and love seeing their kids get into the same hobbies they loved."

Gary Vee even goes as far as saying that "sports cards are about to explode in culture and value".

Consequently, over the last few years, we've even seen companies create and release indices with real values from the top 500 cards (Top500) and the the top 100 cards (Top100) and comparing it with historical value from the stock market (S&P 500).

And if you're wondering, those indices are showing a 10-year return on investment of 165% for Top500 and 275% for Top100, a significant outperformance of the S&P 500 over the same period!

Now is really the time invest in trading cards!


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