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Knowledge and Experience

At Classic Auctions, we pride ourselves on the quality and integrity of the items we sell. With over 75 years of cumulative experience in the collectibles and sports memorabilia domain, we stand behind every item we sell.

It is a given that every successful, high-end auction house is made up of knowledgeable and experienced staff including auction managers, writers, researchers and photographers. Where we at Classic Auctions stand out from the rest is simple: we know hockey better.

We love the game; we obsess over its history and memorabilia and we revere the legends and icons who have elevated this sport from a modest pond activity, to the paramount sporting spectacle loved throughout the world.

Our team is better equipped than any other auction house to properly photo-match and authenticate memorabilia to specific events and important timelines, thus maximizing value and providing accurate documentation.  Photo (and video) matching is the most efficient, respected and conclusive authentication process in the industry.

Photo-matching explained

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The largest hockey photo and video database

Classic Auctions in-house archive is one of the largest collections of hockey-related images in the world. Our physical inventory of over 500,000 images in print and digital formats is indexed, making it easy for our team to access items quickly and efficiently. Add to that the vast collection of NHL media guides, team publications, and more hockey books than some online retailers, and we’re just getting started!

In addition, we have a large repository of hockey games on video and computer, from amateur leagues, the NHL and international competition as well. Our research team has collected this massive collection of information in order to be confident that the items we sell are authentic.

Our archives include:

500,000+ hockey images
Thousands of games on video (NHL, international, etc.)
Hundreds of Media Guides
Hundreds of Hockey-related books
Thousands of statistical publications