Classic Auctions in-house archive is one of the largest collections of hockey-related images in the world. Our physical inventory of over 500,000 images in print and digital formats is indexed, making it easy for our team to access items quickly and efficiently. Add to that the vast collection of NHL media guides, team publications, and more hockey books than some online retailers, and we’re just getting started!

In addition, we have a large repository of hockey games on video and computer, from amateur leagues, the NHL and international competition as well. Our research team has collected this massive collection of information in order to be confident that the items we sell are authentic.

Our archives include:

  • 500,000+ hockey images
  • Thousands of games on video (NHL, international, etc.)
  • Hundreds of Media Guides
  • Hundreds of Hockey-related books
  • Thousands of statistical publications

We can offer a photo-matching service for your classic items. Contact us at and we will be happy to get you further information.