Need Help?

The staff at Classic Auctions are happy to help you with any questions that you may have. We are available Monday to Friday during regular office hours, and can be reached at 450-638-7058, Monday to Friday, between 9am-6pm EST. Also, there is a ton of information on the website about auction rules, consignment and our catalogs, so feel free to click around.

You can also get in touch with us on Social Media if outside of office hours. Twitter and Facebook are the two best bets to get hold of us.



How do I create an account?

You must click on the Register link, which is located at the top of our pages. A new page will load and allow you to create your account by entering your personal information. Do not forget to click on the "Submit" button at the bottom of the page once you have finished entering the required information, and have read and accepted the Auction Rules.

I have forgotten my Password. How can I recover it?

If you forget your password you may click on the "Forgot password" link on the Login screen. You will find it at the top of our pages. A new page will load and you will have to enter your username and click on the "Send Password" tab. Once your request has been sent you will receive your password by e-mail at the address that you provided at registration.

I have forgotten my Username. How can I recover it?

If you forget your username, there is no need to re-create your account. Simply contact Debbie Nault at 450-638-7058, or by e-mail at, and she will be pleased to help you.

How can I change my personal information?

Once you have logged in, please select the Profile tab, which is just to the right of "Welcome (Your Username)". A page will load and you need only choose the Click here to update your profile tab and follow the instructions. You can review your current information and modify it as necessary. Do not forget to click on the "Update Profile" button before leaving the page in order to register the changes.


How do I get my account approved and thus enable myself to make bids?

Once you have logged in, go to the Get approved! tab, which is just to the left of the "Log Out" tab. A new page will load and advise you that your account is awaiting approval. You must submit your credit card information via our secure page by selecting the Click here to submit your credit card information on our secure page link, which is situated just below the MasterCard and Visa logos. The approval will be given a few moments after you have completed the transmission of the data by clicking on the "Update Card Info" link. No amount will be charged to your credit card, not even if you win an auction. Please refer to the MY BILLING section below for more details concerning methods of payment.


How can I obtain an auction catalog?

For every auction we produce a high-quality catalog which is mailed to each of our participating clients. To be part of our regular mailing list, you must have placed at least one bid (even if this is not a winning bid) in one of our last 4 auctions. However, if you wish to obtain one or more copies of preceding auction catalogs, you can purchase them online by clicking the "Catalogs" tab. If you have questions on this subject, do not hesitate to contact Debbie Nault at 450-638-7058 or by email at


I won’t be available at the close of the auction. Can I still take part?

If you are not available or you would not like to wait by your computer or telephone but you wish all the same to take part in the close of bidding, Classic Auctions offers you a proxy bidding service

What is a proxy bid and how must I proceed?

Proxy bidding operates in the same way as if you were placing the next minimum bid required, so once you had clicked on the item of your choice at the arrow situated just beside the amount, you would see a list of amounts posted in increments of 10 %, you would have to select the amount of the maximum bid that you wanted to place for this item and click on the "Bid" button.

Once your proxy bid has been completed, our programmed site will take charge of the bidding in your name as other buyers raise the bidding. Bids by proxy will be handled on the principle of first recorded, first served. If we receive two identical offers by proxy, only the first bid received will be valid. For example, if the highest bid is $5,000 and it belongs to you, and you have placed a proxy bid of $10,000 and another bid is placed by a higher bidder for an amount of $6,000, your proxy bid will be applied automatically in the amount of $6,600. This procedure will continue until the maximum amount that you have bid by proxy is reached. However, if your bid is not surpassed you will be declared the winner of the item at a cost of $6,600, plus the buyer’s premium of 19.5%. All bids by proxy remain confidential.

Where are my winning and/or losing bids as well as my list of items to be monitored?

You will find the list of items for which you possess the highest bids, the list of items for which you have been outbid as well as the list of items that you have chosen to monitor under the Bids (High / Lost) tab which is situated between the "Profile" and "Invoices" tabs. Once you have clicked on this tabs, a page will load, thus offering you, under three different tabs, the history of your bids, "High bids", "Lost bids", and "Watchlist".

How do you create a Watchlist?

You will find an "Add to Watchlist" button under each lot description. You have only to click on this button to add the selected item to your watchlist. This lot will then become part of the list to monitor that you will find under the Bids (High / Lost) tab which is situated between the My Account and Invoices tabs, under the "My Watchlist" tab.


When am I going to receive my invoice?

Following the close of the auction, 3 working days will have to be allowed for receipt of your invoice by e-mail. You can also consult your invoice online under the Invoices tab once you are logged on. We suggest that you check your box for undesirable e-mail (SPAM, JUNK), in case our message might be treated as spam by your server. So please make sure to add Classic Auctions to your green (accepted) list of incoming e-mail.

However, if you have not received your invoice within the period mentioned above, you are obligated to contact Debbie Nault at 450-638-7058 or by e-mail at , to correct the situation. You have 14 days to settle your purchases. Please refer to the methods of payment mentioned here below, you will find there all the details of the auction regulations enumerated under each description of an item offered for bids.


Will my credit card on file be billed automatically for my purchases?

No, we do not bill the credit card that you submitted during your request for approval of your account. However, Classic Auctions reserves the right to debit the credit card of the buyer for any balance remaining to be paid 30 days after the bill has been sent, for delay in payment or default of payment, and without prior notice.

Can I put my purchases on my credit card?

Payment by credit card is accepted for clients who, in the past, have already made purchases with us by using another method of payment. New clients will have to use, during their first transaction, traditional methods of payment but can, if they wish, pay by credit card at future auctions.

To make a payment by credit card, it is sufficient to choose the type of payment desired under the Invoices tab when you have received your bill by e-mail or you see it online. We also inform you that credit-card payments may be made from now on in American or Canadian currency. You must choose the currency in which you wish to be billed when you complete your form for credit-card payment online. For payments online in Canadian dollars, the conversion will be made at the exchange rate in effect at the close of the auction.

How can I pay for my purchases?

You can complete your purchases by postal money order, bank draft, certified cheque and/or cash and in the currency of your choice, be it AMERICAN dollars or CANADIAN dollars. Please refer to the total bill in terms of your choice of currency in which you want to make your payment. It is to be noted that the applicable taxes depend on the billing address. You must pay the taxes in full regardless of the currency in which you choose to settle your purchases. Payments by PayPal and personal cheque ARE NOT accepted. You have 14 days to settle your purchases.

Please make your payment to the order of: Classic Auctions Mail your payment to the following address: 215 St-François-Xavier, Suite #104, Delson, Quebec, J5B 1X8 Please attach a copy of your bill or write the billing number or the number of the item on your payment.


When will my parcel be delivered?

Your parcel will be delivered in the days following receipt of your payment. Shipments are handled in the order in which payment is received, the first to pay is therefore the first to receive. You will receive by e-mail a tracking number for your parcel. It is to be noted that you can see the status of your payment as well as your tracking number online under the Invoices tab once you are logged in.

How will my parcel be delivered and what shipping costs should I expect to pay?

Shipping costs are the obligation of the winning buyers. These costs include transportation, packing and the materials needed. The winning buyers are likewise responsible for other costs related to transportation, including customs charges, duties and taxes and brokerage costs which can be paid on delivery.

Delivery costs are determined in accordance with the dimensions and weight of the articles and in accordance with the destination and shipping method used. On request, we will be pleased to give you an estimate of the shipping costs for your parcel on the basis of the city and postal code identified as the destination.

Please take note that no insurance is included in the shipping costs. On request by e-mail or telephone, and depending on eligibility, insurance on your package can be added to your bill.

All items for destinations in Canada are sent via Purolator ground service or air service, unless another arrangement has been previously agreed. Please take note, in addition, that Purolator makes no deliveries via post office boxes (PO Box).

All items for destinations in the United States are sent via postal express or Fedex. Please note that for some shipments you will be required to submit your social insurance number and/or additional information at the request of the Customs Service. These procedures were established by the customs and border protection service and have been in effect since October 1st 2004 for the purpose of detecting and preventing acts of terrorism. For more details on this subject, you may contact us.

All items for other international destinations are sent via postal express. All parcels sent abroad are accompanied by a tracking number.

I would like to take possession of my purchases at Classic Auctions. Can this be done?

Yes, you can take possession of articles that you have won directly at our offices. They can be picked up by appointment. Our offices are located at 215 St-François-Xavier, suite #104 in Delson, Quebec, Canada. In this case, no delivery charges are billed but the merchandise must be prepaid before it is picked up. Please communicate with Debbie Nault at 450-638-7058 or by e-mail at to make an arrangement of this kind.

And if I have only a post office box for a shipping address?

If you possess a post office box (PO Box) as your shipping address, your shipment will automatically be sent through the mail. However, if you so desire, you can give us a complete postal address by contacting Debbie Nault at 450-638-7058 or by e-mail at, in order to benefit from a type of shipment other than the regular mail service.


My item is described as accompanied by a letter of authenticity. Will it be included in my parcel?

In most cases the letters of authenticity, if they exist, are included directly in the package with your items. However, some letters may be sent by separate mail because of the type, shape and size of some packages. Do not hesitate to communicate with us for more details.

Are the items accompanied by letters of authenticity?

Classic Auctions guarantees the authenticity of everything that it sells for a period of three years, starting from the moment of sale by auction. During the last twenty-five years we have acquired great experience in the sale of hockey memorabilia items. We assure you that everything we sell is authentic, we even use the services of independent experts. We recommend that you yourself also verify the authenticity of your articles. Nevertheless, Classic Auctions remains the sole judge for the authentication of articles sold. We are not subject to the opinion of the independent experts. Letters of authenticity are available for articles identified in the catalogue as having them. These articles may also be accompanied by a letter from a third party. Letters of authenticity are often mailed separately after the shipment of the merchandise. Please contact Francis Brodeur at 450-638-7058 or by e-mail at


I would like to offer on consignment some memorabilia items.

You simply need to fill out the form that you will find online under the Consignment tab which is situated at the top of the page. Please contact Francis Brodeur at 450-638-7058 or by e-mail at

What are the fees connected with the consignment?

A commission will be deducted from the total amount of the sale of your item. The commission that will be established, during the signing of the contract, is based on the value of the object and/or of the collection placed in consignment. The rate covers the authentication and/or research, photography and the description of the item. Please take note that the client is responsible for costs connected with the shipment of the item to our offices, such as packing costs, shipping charges, customs charges, taxes. You can, by arrangement, come to deposit your item directly at our offices. Please contact Francis Brodeur at 450-638-7058 or by e-mail at I have items in consignment. How can I keep track of their status?

From the beginning of the auction you can see your items online. Moreover, this information remains available as long as you have an account. Once you have logged on, you have to click on the Consignments tab which is situated just beside the Log Out tab. You will thus be able to see each of the lots that you have placed on consignment by choosing the desired auction from the list hidden under the arrow. This page will enable you to view the status of your items on consignment, whether sold or unsold, paid for or not paid for. You will even be able to follow the evolution of your report of sale.

What is the interval of payment installments for my items on consignment?

We pay consigners for their items in the days following receipt of payment from the winners of the said items. A report of sale will accompany your cheque, which will be sent to you by regular mail to the address written on your contract of consignment. If you have questions on this subject, please contact Debbie Nault at 450-638-7058 or by e-mail at